Ensure the effectiveness of your chemical peel

Chemical skin peelChemical peels and other treatments are performed with the goal of improving the skin’s condition and restoring its natural glow – whether that be for minimising fine lines or reducing acne scarring or pigmentation. However dermatologists warn that over-use or misuse of these treatments could actually result in skin looking too thin, or papery.

Like anything that achieves results chemical peels can become addictive, but using them too often can result in over-exfoliated skin. A result of which can be reddening, thinning and over-sensitivity to the sun. The skin does still need a natural barrier so it’s likely that one peel a month is a good maximum.

Your aesthetic practitioner will know best about your skin and its individual needs however which is why it makes most sense to stick with one, rather than to-ing and fro-ing to receive as many treatments as possible. The regularity and depth of the peel, as well as its ingredients, will depend on your skin and so it is best to keep to a tailor-made treatment schedule.

Done well chemical peels are a great way of shedding old skin cells and helping the skin to regenerate collagen. It is a fine balance between getting it right and over-doing it however. The best course of skin treatments will result in a healthy and youthful glow, free of lines and imperfections.

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