Early studies reveal the effectiveness of a revolutionary spray to treat ulcers

Skin ulcer treatmentExternal ulcers can be extremely uncomfortable and, up to now, also difficult to treat. Usually they are treated with compression bandages until the wound heals however this can take several months. In severe cases skin grafts, where skin is taken from other parts of the body and applied to the wound, may have to be performed.

The Lancet publication has revealed the findings of a study in to a new spray treatment that has been designed to help improve and speed up the healing process for ulcer wounds. It works using proteins and donated skin cells that help clot the blood and regenerate skin cells and so far looks as if it will be an improvement upon current methods – of the 228 patients it was tested on 70% of the ulcers had cleared within 3 months, with immediate improvement for all patients.

The revolutionary technique, being labelled ‘spray-on-skin’, offer sufferers a chance to return to normality more quickly and it also reduces the need for skin grafts, which can be a painful and even risky procedure.

Studies on the spray are still being undertaken in order to establish the dosage required as well as determining exactly its healing effects.

External ulcers can be caused by high-blood pressure in the veins and so scientists are still keen to tackle the underlying issues that contribute to the condition.

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