Dr Hilary Jones to help clamp down on Botox bad practice

Botox treatmentDaybreak has brought to light the malpractice of some beauticians who are offering Botox injections without the patient first being prescribed the treatment.

Legislation changed on July 23 this year, stipulating that injectable treatments require a prescription and a face-to-face consultation beforehand. Remote prescriptions are no longer permitted.

The only professionals allowed to administer the anti-wrinkle treatment are doctors, dentists and registered nurses.

The early morning breakfast show sent their reporter to two different beauticians to see if they would offer the treatment outside the stipulated rules.

Both places (one a high street salon and the other a purpose-built shed) denied that she would need a prescription for it first, or need to see a doctor or registered nurse but that she would be fine to receive the treatments straight away.

The discovery has led TV doctor Dr Hilary Jones to team up with Treatments You Can Trust, an organisation set up to ensure that regulations and best practices amongst the industry are met.

Appearing on the show alongside a victim of a botched Botox job, he said: “this is why we feel we need the regulations, to make sure people are given the treatments in the right place.”

He went on to discuss how trusting your provider is crucial in patients knowing what to expect and receiving the treatment correctly. He talked of the charity’s central ABC tenet – Always Background Research.

This means checking the credentials of the person administering the Botox, to ensure that they have the correct permissions to carry out the treatment.

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