Don’t get caught out by Trout Pout! Our top tips for getting natural lip fillers


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We’ve all seen the photos. Lesley Ash, Katie Price and other celebs whose lip fillers have either gone horribly wrong, or been taken too far.

If you’re thinking about lip enhancement, seeing the duck lips of the rich and famous can be enough to put you off.

But bad results are easily avoided – as long as you take some basic precautions.

So how does the dreaded Trout Pout happen? And more importantly, how can you guard against it?

> What causes Trout Pout?

Aurora Skin Clinics: Photo showing temporary Lip FillersLike all cosmetic treatments, lip fillers need a combination of science and art.

The ‘art’ bit requires your practitioner to know the aesthetics of a good, natural result.

They should know the ideal lip proportions are when the bottom lip is one and a half times the fullness of the top lip (we’ll wait while you go off and check yours in the mirror…).

The science bit comes into play when it’s time to inject.

Your practitioner should separate your lips into two treatment areas – the vermillion borders and the main body of your lips.

The vermillion borders are basically ‘tunnels’ that run along the top and bottom of each lip. And they’re key to achieving a great result.

Careful placement of filler into the lip borders gives them better definition, fills out smokers lines and gives you a subtle, natural pout.

BUT – the outer edges of your upper lip need to be avoided. Otherwise, the filler turns the corners of your top lip upwards and outwards.

And unfortunately, you’re left looking like Catch of the Day.

> Argh! How can I avoid Trout Pout?

Aurora Skin Clinics: Temporary Lip FillersHere are our top 5 tips to avoiding the trout pout:

  1. Knowledge is power. Now you know how Trout Pout happens, you’re better placed to avoid it.
  2. First, make sure you choose an experienced, medically qualified practitioner.Incredibly, facial fillers are unregulated in the UK. So anyone with a syringe can set themselves up as a lip filler expert.
  3. Choosing a Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist or Nurse who’s also qualified in aesthetics means you’re getting someone competent and safe who knows what they’re doing.
  4. But don’t stop there – research their credentials, and look for any reviews and before and after photos you can find of their patients.
  5. And at your consultation, tell them it’s your first time having fillers, and you’re worried about Trout Pout!

They should be able to explain to you how they’ll avoid it, and satisfy you that they know what they’re doing. Especially now you know what they should be saying.

Sharing your concerns will also alert them to the fact they should probably take a conservative approach for your first treatment.

So to sum up, finding a medically qualified practitioner, checking their credentials and telling them it’s your first time should be enough to avoid Trout Pout and get great natural results.

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