Did Renee Zellweger go overboard with her pre-Oscars procedures?

It’s well-known that the run up to the Oscars sees a hike in the number of anti-ageing procedures booked and carried out, with Hollywood stars and other guests all keen to make sure they look their best for the US showbiz event of the year.

As a result the stars, usually the female ones, come under constant scrutiny from the press and public alike for any alterations in appearance that might indicate some facial work has been performed. This year’s main target came in the form of Renee Zellweger, who was criticised for having an odd appearance and accused of over-doing Botox and facial fillers.

Radar Online commented that: “she appeared to have gotten so much Botox and injectible fillers as part of her ‘red carpet ready’ routine that she was barely recognisable”. The Huffington Post also reported on her “lack of (facial) movement.”

It wasn’t just the press; Twitter users also waded in on lambasting her apparent use of non-invasive skin treatments, with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeting:

“Renee Zellweger arrives as a Ghost of Christmas Future for Jennifer Lawrence, bearing warning about Botox. #Oscars2013”
(@jessetyler, Feb 25, 2013)

The actress was also accused of being drunk whilst presenting an award, as she appeared to sway and stumble with delivering her words. Well, having seen her red carpet pictures and watching the footage we can say we thought she looked great and her composure was fine – perhaps there were simply not enough bad looks or mishaps to go round this year.