Dermaroller Diary

Dermaroller Diary by Becca

Genuine Dermaroller is a treatment that stimulates the skin to produce more collagen which leaves skin looking smoother and brighter.

I had heard lots of good things about the dermaroller treatment, and had been recommended it by others who had had the treatment too. So I decided to go ahead and book in for one, it sounded great!

Day of the Treatment

Before even setting foot in the treatment room I had to first of all have numbing cream applied to my face. I was left with a beautiful white face for an hour while it took effect.

So far so good, I had another couple of layers of cream added during the hour, with extra added underneath my nose on my top lip as I was told this was the most sensitive area.

Image of Patient with numbing cream - Aurora Skin Clinics

Once the cream had time to settle and I could no longer feel my face I made my way to the treatment room to be greeted by Fleur.

I was told by Fleur that Dermarollers were one of her favourite treatments to perform so I felt like I was in good hands!

I got myself settled on the bed while we spoke about areas of concern on my face. Generally I thought I had fairly good skin but I did have a few acne scars on my chin from my teenage years and open pores in areas too. Fleur went through what the treatment would involve and areas that she was going to focus on most so I knew exactly what was going on.

Before getting started Fleur handed me a breast implant, initially confused she told me that these are actually handy to keep hold of to squeeze when things get a little too much!

I’m not going to lie, the initial feeling of the dermaroller on my face was a bit of a shock, I was initially told by Fleur not to think that it wouldn’t hurt at all because of the numbing cream so I was definitely aware that it wasn’t going to be a relaxing facial but it was still a case of expecting the unexpected as it was my first time having this treatment.  I wouldn’t say it was a feeling of intolerable pain, more a feeling of being uncomfortable.

Fleur worked in a quick but precise manner, letting me know what she was doing at each step. She also told me that my skin was very reactive to the treatment and she did not need to work long on each area for the full effect to be present. I found the forehead the worst bit, I guess my over ambitious numbing of the top of the lip worked as I did not feel that area much at all, and I felt barely anything around my chin.

My skin immediately after felt very hot and tingly, similar to sunburn but the cooling serum put on after did feel like it helped. I was very red, and did have a very small bruise in the outer corner of my right eye which Fleur pointed out to me and said it was a common side effect especially as my skin is quite delicate.

Image of Patient after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

I was given full aftercare advice post treatment and samples to use on my skin which included Astheticare Prescribed Solutions Control Tactics Gel for me to use in the morning and at night whilst the redness in my face was still present. This is a neurocosmetic soothing gel for sensitive skin developed to reduce the skin’s inflammatory responses, keeping post procedure swelling, irritation and redness to a minimum and is given to patients after any dermaroller or laser treatments.

I was also given Heliocare Gel SPF 50 to put on each morning as my skin would now be very sensitive to UV rays.

I was told not to wash my face with my normal cleanser that night, and to not use any products other than those given to me for at least 48 hours or until the redness goes down.

It was also advised that I shouldn’t wear make-up for 12 hours after treatment too.

Image of Patient evening after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

Before I went to bed that night, I didn’t wash my face with cleanser like I normally would and instead just used the cooling serum which initially made my face sting a little similar to putting cream on sunburn but I imagine this was just because it was very sensitive and raw following treatment, after 10-20 minutes it settled down and I was able to get to sleep.

Waking up the following morning my face was still quite red. I just washed my face with lukewarm water to refresh it a little and then followed up with the cooling gel and heliocare. I decided against wearing any foundation as I was still quite red and felt it would be best to just leave my skin to heal naturally.

Day after Treatment

Image of Patient day after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

During the day my face felt a bit tender but generally fine, it was only when I caught myself in the mirror that I remembered that I had the treatment. It looked like I had a bit of sunburn which was probably a bit unusual for someone to have this time of year but nothing out of the ordinary. I saw Fleur who not only said my skin looked great without make-up (thanks!) but said it was healing well and to continue to not use any other products on my face until the redness had gone down.

Day 2

Waking up Saturday morning I still had some slight redness but it was certainly looking better than it was the previous day. I splashed my face with some water in the morning and used the cooling gel and heliocare cream afterwards. I left these products to settle on my skin before deciding to put a small amount of a very light foundation on just to try and tone down on the red slightly. The foundation settled on my skin really well which I was very impressed with.

Image of Patient 1 day after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

I went out that evening so put on a little more foundation but I felt my skin was starting to become dry and you could see that through the foundation. I washed my skin after returning home and used the cooling gel but once it had settled into the skin it was evident my skin was starting to dry out.

Image of Patient 1 day after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

Day 3

I woke up Sunday and after washing my face with just water, using the cooling gel and the heliocare – I felt my skin was a bit tight and dry. This was most likely because I have not been using my normal moisturiser for the past couple of days. I thought about putting foundation on again, but as it was a Sunday and I didn’t have much planned I decided to go without.

Image of Patient 2 days after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

Day 4

The redness had pretty much all gone by Monday morning, there was still a few little dots on my chin and forehead but they were barely noticeable. I was working from home that morning so I just washed my face with water and put the cooling gel and heliocare on as normal and went without make-up.

I was due at a work event in Northampton that evening so I attempted to put some make-up on, it was a bit difficult because of my skin being so dry, I was desperate to just coat it in moisturiser but I did not want to risk using it too soon.

Arriving home I again washed my face with water and used the cooling serum before bed.

Day 5

Waking up I was adamant that I was going to use moisturiser today. I’m sure it had been long enough, and the redness was basically gone. I washed my face just with water and then used a tiny amount of my normal moisturiser – it felt so good!

Almost instantly I felt my skin come back to life, I put on my normal foundation and although still a bit dry in patches, my skin felt so smooth

Image of Patient 4 days after Dermaroller - Aurora Skin Clinics

It will actually take up to 6 weeks for the full effects of the treatment to be seen. The collagen needs time to work its way to the surface of the skin before visible signs of repair and regeneration are noticed in the skin.

So I will definitely update you in 6 weeks’ time to see the effects this treatment has had on my skin.


Commonly asked Questions

Would I have it again?

I wouldn’t say no to having the treatment again. It definitely is not a relaxing facial and you can definitely feel what is going on but I am really looking forward to seeing what my skin is like in 6 weeks and if there are improvements I will look into having a second treatment.

Does it hurt?

Yes. I’m not even going to lie, but it’s not an intense unbearable pain. You just shouldn’t go in there expecting it not to hurt. It’s uncomfortable, but bearable and you’ll get through it!

How big are the needles?

I had a 1.5mm Genuine Dermaroller

Was it sore afterwards?

My skin felt tight and tingly afterwards, but not for long. I had the treatment at 3pm(ish) and  by the next morning, although still red, it did not feel uncomfortable. I would say it took 2-3 days for my skin to feel calm again.