Dermal fillers – do they require an allergy test?

Ask a surgeonWe have just received the following enquiry, and thought it would make a great topic to cover here on the blog:

Dermal Fillers Question:


I’m really considering some kind of dermal filler, but I have quite a few allergies (some soaps, deodorants etc).

I was wondering before you undertake having dermal fillers, do you have some tests to check if you are allergic to the filler? I wasn’t sure how the tests would be done if so?

Would you be able to inform me of any fillers to watch out for that use very natural ingredients for example? Any information would be fantastic.


Dermal Fillers Answer:


Thank you for your enquiry.

We would generally recommend Juvederm as a dermal filler. This is made from natural body substances and is very unlikely to cause any long term problems as it is very inert.

We have certainly not noticed any problems from this following treatment.

Juvederm is available in most clinics and we do wish the best of luck if you decide to go ahead with treatment.

Best Wishes,

The Aurora Skin Clinics Team