Courtney Cox opens up about anti-ageing treatments

Celebrity anti-ageing secrets Courtney Cox, 48, has opened up about her use of anti-ageing treatments and the pressure of Hollywood in a refreshingly candid interview for New You, an American women’s glossy magazine.

Discussing Botox and other procedures, the star said:

“You know what, I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable.”

Despite this she also told the magazine that she feels her best when she’s just done a work out, when her face is make-up free but flushed.

When it comes to acceptance of herself though she relies on ex-husband and fellow actor, David Arquette: “he always said to me you’ve got to accept we’re all gonna age, and just do it gracefully.”

She also admits that in Hollywood there is an additional pressure to stay looking young and attractive, saying: “There’s so many beautiful people and there’s so much pressure you put on yourself.”

Talking of whose looks the star admires however it’s clear she looks up to those who are older than she is, citing Helen Mirren and Sophia Loren as women she finds attractive.

On Mirren the actress reveals: “(she) is just so sexy. You know when people say you get better with age? That’s the perfect example. She’s just so confident, and let’s face it, it’s always about confidence.”

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