Company behind Botox have created product for thicker, fuller eyelashes

Eyelash lengthening serum has been produced by Botox maker AllerganAllergan, the company behind selling Botox as an anti-ageing treatment, have now launched a new product that promises to thicken, elongate and darken eyelashes – great news for those who need some help in that department.

Latisse, as it’s called, will be available by prescription only and is targeted for those who suffer from hypotrichosis – which refers to inadequate or barely-there lashes. It may also be suitable for those with trichotillomania, a condition where people pull out their own hair or eyelashes.

The treatment is an eye-drop with the active ingredient bimatropost and it works by applying an eyeliner-like line to the lashes. The topical ointment then helps to build up hair growth and colour, taking 16 weeks to start becoming effective. The treatment has already been prescribed in America and India where response has been positive.

Initial results show that lashes will double in thickness, become 18% darker and achieve 25% greater length. The treatment needs to be applied daily and also continuously in order to maintain results.

There are possible side-effects however which is why Latisse will remain prescription only, for those with a genuine, medical need for it. Parts of the eyelid where the ointment comes in to contact with may become darker or grow hair on it.

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