Can facelifts without surgery really work?

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You might be thinking you’d like a little ‘refresh’. You feel as youthful as ever inside – but your reflection tells a different story.

But the idea of surgery is just too much. So – can facelifts without surgery work?

Well, it depends what you mean by ‘facelifts without surgery’. And in a way, it also depends what you mean by ‘work’!

Stay with us…

First of all, it’s a tricky term. It implies your whole face can be lifted back to where it was when you were much younger without the surgeon’s help.

Much as we’d love that to be the case, it isn’t. There are limitations to how much facelifts without surgery can truly ‘lift’.

But lifting isn’t really their job. Non-surgical treatments work through skin tightening, wrinkle relaxing, skin resurfacing or adding volume.

And for the jobs they’re designed to do, some treatments work extremely well.

Which treatments work best?

Aurora Skin Clinics: Do facelifts without surgery work?Facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are fantastic for replacing lost volume and filling out deep wrinkles – with instant results (see the non-surgical facelift).

And Botox® has earned its reputation as the gold standard for softening wrinkles. For the overwhelming majority, it really does work. In rare cases, people can be immune to its effects. But you’d have to be very unlucky!

Sculptra is a long-lasting filler that takes several weeks (and repeated treatments) to show final results. But it lasts much longer than regular fillers – around 2 years.

If it’s skin resurfacing you need, you can’t beat lasers. But many people find the prospect of laser treatment – and the redness and swelling after – a little scary.

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are milder alternatives that will help to improve the skin’s texture and brighten the complexion – and they’re great for treating age spots too.

And for sagging skin, combined radiofrequency and infrared skin tightening (like eTwo Sublime) is the most advanced non-surgical option – surpassing treatments like Thermage which relied on radiofrequency alone. 

For more, check out our blog on your options for facelift without surgery.

What areas can they work on?

Now here’s the thing. The treatments mentioned above are great for treating the relatively early onset signs of ageing – mostly in the mid and upper face.

Aurora Skin Clinics: photo showing Botox injectionThose wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, crows feet, droopy brows, hollow cheeks, etc.

But – if you already have significant jowling or neck sagging, the chances are you’ll need more than non-surgical treatment.

As we age, the skin slides gradually downwards, as bone and fat are lost and gravity takes its toll.

So the ‘end point’ of ageing is an excess of loose skin in the lower face.

Skin tightening and treatments to replace lost volume will give you a degree of improvement if your symptoms are relatively mild. So in this respect, facelifts without surgery are possible – but only to a degree.

If you’ve crossed a certain threshold, only surgery will give you the improvement you need.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a full facelift. If your issue is mainly with your mid and lower face, a mini facelift under local anaesthetic can give you excellent natural results.

It really depends on what stage you’re at. If you’re not sure, making appointments with both a non-surgical practitioner and a specialist facelift surgeon should give you a clearer idea of the best way forward for you.

Find out more about facelifts without surgery

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