Can Botox pave the way for happier marriages?

Botox treatmentOne American dermatologist is making a bold claim in a newly-released book – that getting Botox to smooth out frown lines can have a secondary positive outcome – improving the wellbeing of marriages.

Eric Frinzi is based in Washington DC and has authored ‘The Face of Emotion’. In it he claims that facial expressions are in fact “a central driving force of (our) emotions” rather than simply reflecting what we feel on the inside. He believes that the more we frown the likelier we are to feel negative emotions, rather than frowning just as a result of feeling sad or angry.

For that reason he feels that Botox is a great solution for depressed patients, or for those who are in struggling relationships. Appearing to be less angry may pave the way to more harmonious relationships, according to the research that he has undertaken from his clinic.

In the book he cites one example, Jane, who came back to Frinzi to tell him about the turnaround in her marriage following his Botox treatment. She said: “Now he asks, ‘are you mad, babe?’ And I’ll say no, and he believes me! We get along so much better now.”

Not only does she appear less angry, which is more conducive to happier relations, she also claimed that she felt rage less often, given her inability to frown.

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