Botox versus Azzalure – which is best?

Both botox and toxins are extremely popular and commonly used. Both have a cosmetic licence for use in the glabellar area. In my opinion both have very similar effects, however, Azzalure tends to disperse slightly wide in circumference than botox  If you are looking for a good dispersion in areas such as the underarm area my preference is for Azzalure.

As you may know Azzalure is the same substance as Dysport but contains a quarter of the amount of the substance.

Likewise, Vistabel is the same substance as butilinum but the vial contains a half the amount in (50 units) compared to the botulinum vial (100 units).

Overall in summary, either of these botulinums and toxins are excellent substances with a good proven track record. Either can be used but I would urged any practitioner to get use to one toxin first as one unit of botulinum is not equivalent to 1 unit of Azzalure and overall it is estimated that 1 unit of botulinum is approximately equal to between 2 1/2 – 3 units of Azzalure Dysport.

Added to this is the advent of a further toxin Xeomin which is produced by the company Mertz. It is an exact like for like replacement for botulinum with 1 unit of botox being equivalent to 1 unit of Xeomin.

In the latter part of 2010 we get to see more and more people using Xeomin and it’s going to  be interesting times ahead for the buttoline and toxin market.