Botox wars – Israel bans dentists from offering anti-wrinkle injections

Botox treatmentThe Health Ministry in Israel has surprised dentists by taking the decision to stop them offering Botox treatment to their patients.

They had been happily injecting Botulinum Toxin as an anti-wrinkle treatment for years. But now a request from the Israeli Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery has changed all that.

But the scorned dentists are not prepared to let it go without a fight. A group of 300 have hired legal representation in a bid to get the decision reversed.

Lawyer Ilan Bombach, representing the dentists, says: “This is a severe impingement on freedom of profession, which discriminates against doctors whose field of specialization is the face. If necessary, we will go all the way to the Supreme Court.”

The dentists say that they have been offering Botox injections for years after gaining written approval from the Health Ministry. Most of the dentists have also taken additional courses to bolster their expertise.

But this isn’t enough to convince Plastic Surgery Association Chairman Dr Amos Leviav. He says: “Dentists do not have enough expertise to inject Botox just as we don’t have the expertise necessary to whiten teeth.”

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