Botox use rising faster among US men than women

Botox treatmentAnother day, another Botox statistic hits the news.

Recent data gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has revealed that the popularity of Botox is rising faster among men than women.

In 2011, approximately 363,000 men received Botox treatment. This represents an 8% increase on the previous year. During the same period, Botox use among women rose as well, but by a smaller percentage – only about 5%.

New York cosmetologist Dendy Engleman has personally treated many male converts to Botox. She explains that once they see how much more youthful they look after treatment, they become regular clients.

And she reveals that one particular group of men represent her fastest-growing client base – men working on Wall Street.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the hot shots of Wall Street – men who are among the highest earners, and in one of the most high-prestige careers – would be keen to seek out treatments to keep them looking and feeling ‘on top of their game’.

But the rising popularity of Botox among men in general represents a very interesting development.

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