Botox use for over-active bladders is approved in the US

Botox treatmentThe use of Botox injections in the treatment of urinary incontinence problems has been approved by the FDA, America’s Food and Drug Administration this month, following Phase III of its trial.

Trials were carried out on 1100 patients where 50% more experienced an improvement after 12 weeks than those on a placebo. The results mean that the use of Botox in this way is now approved in 27 countries, with the US following hot on the heels of Europe which approved it last December.

The injectible will be available to patients who do not respond to the current treatment of anticholinergic. Allergan, the pharmaceutical company that manufacture Botox, are pleased with this result. Chief Scientific Officer Scott Whitcup called it:

“…a milestone in the treatment of this burdensome condition, (it) will provide a novel option for urologists and their patients.”

Botox is more commonly used to treat wrinkles or hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). It may also be effective for the treatment of migraines.