Botox sees biggest increase in the unlikeliest demographic

Botox injectionDermatologists are reporting a rise in the number of twenty-somethings seeking Botox treatment for fine lines on the face, with some practitioners going so far as suggesting that the treatment is not only advisable at that age but that it will help to delay the signs of ageing.

As a result there are many (mainly girls) in their twenties who are getting the injections on a regular basis, without any real need for them. Although fine lines may start to appear around the eye area, or a frown line between the eyes, skin during the twenties is still very youthful and treatment at this age is not necessary.

There is a chance, if you suffer from unlucky genetics or live a frenetic life full of toxins, that more obvious wrinkles may start to appear in the late twenties however the majority of people won’t experience skin that warrants Botox until the thirties.

The trend may be put down to programmes such as The Only Way is Essex, where plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers are prevalent amongst the cast.

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