The Botox bros – anti-wrinkle treatment on the rise for men in the USA

Male BotoxIn these enlightened times, we all know that both men and women want to feel good about the way they look.

But its true that the lions share of cosmetic treatment – both surgical and non-surgical – is still undertaken by women.

However, a change appears to be on the horizon.

The rise of male Botox – aka ‘Brotox’

An interesting stat has just emerged from America. 25% of people having cosmetic treatment in the USA are men.

Still only a quarter, you might think. But to put that in context, last year the figure was only 15%. Which is a pretty seismic shift in the space of a year.

US plastic surgeon Dr Scott Walen of St Louis University Hospital has noticed the change in his own practice. Around 10 to 25% of his business now comes from men.

Talking to Fox local news in St Louis, the doctor says he sees patients anywhere from the ages of 25 up to around 60, and they are getting it for different reasons.

Some are straight-up wanting to look younger, some say they want to look ‘distinguished but not weathered’, some want to feel more confident to compete with the young guns at work – and some have been encouraged to come and have treatment by their partners.

When asked about the type of men coming to him for Botox, he replied that there was no pattern. Men from all walks of life rock up for treatment.

With ever more men opting to for anti-wrinkle treatment (studies show the number of men having Botox in America is increasing by 10% almost every year), it might not be long before the gender Botox balance is a 50/50 split.

But theres one aspect of having Botox for which Dr Walen thinks gender differences may stick around a bit longer – the willingness to admit it.

He says that while many women are happy to admit to friends that they are having Botox – even throwing parties to have treatment together – men still prefer to keep their Botox adventures under wraps.

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