Botox may help treat pimples as well as wrinkles

Botox treatmentAnother day, another potential application is found for Botox.

A plastic surgeon in Chicago, USA is using Botox injections to treat acne – and makes bold claims for its effectiveness.

Anil Shah MD says: “Botox definitely clears up acne.”

He is one of very few doctors currently using the drug to treat acne, and says the key to its success is that it reduces the skin’s production of sebum.

This in turn starves the bacteria responsible for acne, and the skin is dramatically improved as a result.

Encouraging as this may be for acne sufferers, it is still early days for the treatment. Dr Shah has so far published the only study showing that Botox reduces sebum production in the skin.

In his study, a small sample of 20 patients were administered a single Botox treatment. After one month, Dr Shah observed an improvement in sebum production, as well as a decrease in pore size.

If more studies are carried out and reach the same conclusions, it could add acne treatment to the many widespread applications that have been found for the drug.

So far, these have included bladder weakness, excess sweating, asthma, muscle spasms and migraines, alongside the anti-wrinkle treatment it is most famous for.

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