Botox Injections “Can Reduce Tremors in MS Patients”

Botox treatmentIt’s not been long since the discovery that Botox injections can ease the pain of migraines. And already an exciting new application has been found – treating arm tremors in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

In a study in the journal Neurology, researchers gave 23 patients with Multiple Sclerosis a single injection of either Botulinum toxin type A or a placebo over six months.

They tested the effects on arm tremors, since these affect almost two-thirds of people with MS.

Patients who were given the Botox experienced a 40% reduction in the severity of tremors, and their writing and drawing abilities improved by about 30%.

One side effect of the treatment was that muscle weakness developed in 42% of people treated with Botox compared to 6% of the people treated with the placebo.

This is no surprise, since Botox works by weakening the muscle impulses – hence its effectiveness in treating tremors. And it doesn’t necessarily represent a reason not to use it as a treatment, since weakening was generally mild and went away in less than two weeks after the injection.

With yet another use being found for Botox, it could be that we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of Botox’s potential to treat chronic medical conditions.

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