Botox in new medical breakthrough

Botox injectionIt seems that Botox has no end of medical purposes as it is now being linked to the treatment of weak bladder control.

A study, which has just been published in The New England Medical Journal, carried out a trial on 250 women who suffer from a lack of bladder control. Botox was injected directly in to the bladder of half the sufferers; the other half received a placebo saline injection.

The results look promising for Botox use in this way – women who had a single treatment of Botox were two times likelier to achieve full bladder control than those who relied on existing medicines.

Leaky bladders arise as a result of the muscles contracting by themselves and so the Botox works by paralysing those muscles so that the bladder doesn’t leak of its own accord.

As a result side-effects that were reported included a higher instance of urinary tract infections, as a result of the bladder not emptying correctly, and occasional catheter use needed for a short period after the treatment.

One patient, Becky Williams, 68, insisted that any side-effects would be worth the relief from bladder problems for a whole year. It’s currently at trial stage however and not yet available as an approved medicine in this way.

Botox continues to be popular across the world for its more common usage – to freeze facial wrinkles.

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