Botox could help you win at poker

Botox treatmentAn American doctor has devised a way of ensuring that poker players succeed at the game, through not accidentally revealing their emotions when they play.

He believes that he can deliver Botox in such a way that focuses on how players might betray their emotions, such as a raised eyebrow or a squint.

The term ‘poker face’ is so common because keeping a straight face during the game is a vital part of players outsmarting each other – having to second guess what is in an opponent’s hand is central to the game.

As a result poker players practice long and hard at keeping a straight face, whereas this doctor is enabling the ‘poker face’ quickly, at a cost. He would analyse the patient’s expressions and target the areas that react the most to disappointment, shock or happiness.

He has labelled the treatment ‘PokerTox’ and claims that it is already popular. If the cost of the Botox is less than the potential winnings then perhaps the treatment for serious poker players is worth the investment!

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