Botox for Holly, our new Gatehouse Receptionist

We’re delighted to say we’ve a new Receptionist at the Gatehouse in Northampton. Holly’s been with us a couple of weeks, so we thought it was time for her to try out some treatments! Read on to find out how she got on with Botox…

Botox treatmentSo I am not a complete Botox newbie, having had it once earlier this year. At that time, I chose somewhere marginally closer to home and also chose a plastic surgeon as I felt that I would perhaps get a better result from someone of this stature of training.

I had one area done, to try to lessen the singular vertical crease between my eyebrows – injection one a mere scratch, the second and third did make me wince slightly, four and five again no real problem. I paid and left and thought that was all I needed to do, except to not manipulate the area just injected.

Now I have started working for Aurora Clinics and at least 12 weeks have elapsed since this first Botox experience, I was offered the chance to have my second one done here.

Firstly filling out the consent form and reading the potential side effects, so far so similar. I was slightly nervous and explained to the Nurse Ruth that I had found it slightly uncomfortable the last time. She put me at ease and said I must let her know if I was in pain (but she didn’t think I would be).

Ruth asked me to pull a variety of different facial expressions and then prepared and gently marked out her targeted area on my forehead, deciding that one area would be sufficient and that numbing cream would not be necessary.

So after she had asked me to lower my shoulders from ear level (nervy one me), she asked me to take a deep breath in and then slowly out as she made the first injection. I can honestly say I did not feel even a scratch.

The second and third ones were noticeable only by a slight sound, but again no pain and any others were delivered again with Ruth kindly instructing me when to inhale and exhale.

I was surprised as I had (wrongly) assumed that my first round of Botox was how it would always be – a mild pain that I would have to offset against the results of the procedure.

Some cream was popped over the area and I was given an aftercare sheet. Ruth stipulated verbally that I must not exercise for 24 hours, not lay down for several hours and that I’d get the best results if for these several hours I continued making the facial expressions she had asked me to make prior to injecting me. This would open the receptors and allow the Botox to be as effective as possible (oh the other drivers on the way home must have wondered!).

Again, this was news to me and I feel disappointed that I may have found a better result from my first round of Botox had I received this information.

The main differences I found between the two procedures were that I was in less pain, felt more relaxed and was given a clear aftercare plan, with instructions to see Ruth again in around 2 weeks in order for her to assess the procedure.

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