Botox before and after – how do you know what to expect?

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Thinking about Botox anti-wrinkle treatment? A bit nervous about what you’ll look like afterwards? You’re not alone. Most people who have taken the plunge will have been a little apprehensive beforehand.

There are a couple of steps you can take to help ease your nerves and ensure you have the best experience possible. All it takes is a little research ahead of time. But what should you look for?

1. Botox before and after photos 

Aurora Skin Clinics: Botox before and after treatmentMaybe you’ve found the practitioner you want to use. Or perhaps you’re still weighing up your options?

Either way, one of the best resources available to you before committing to treatment is Botox before and after pictures.

We usually never buy anything before seeing it. That way, we know exactly what we’re getting. So why should skin treatment be any different?

Any reputable clinic or practitioner will know how vital it is to make Botox before and after photos available to their prospective patients.

They can explain the science of the treatment, and tell you what to expect in minute detail – but seeing is believing.

A great practitioner should be proud to show you the results they’ve achieved for their patients, and have a gallery of photos of Botox treatment they’ve performed. It’s their shop window, or perhaps more accurately, their portfolio.

So make sure you see it before going ahead!

2. Botox before and after reviews

Trustpilot logoNext to seeing the results of treatment with your own eyes, the best thing you can do is seek out real Botox before and after patient reviews.

Skin clinic websites will usually have a page where you can read or see their own patient testimonials, so that’s one place to start. But bear in mind that you’ll only be seeing their positive reviews there.

While it’s possible that a clinic has only ever received good reviews, it’s still prudent to check elsewhere.

Reading as many independent reviews as you can find is a must.

At Aurora, we recently started using TrustPilot because we know how important this is to patients. It’s an independent review site that lets our patients rate us (anonymously if they want to).

Click to see all our Trustpilot reviews.

If you’ve had treatment with us and would like to share your opinions on TrustPilot, please feel free – we’d love you to!

Obviously we wouldn’t advise stopping at photos and reviews when it comes to your research. There are plenty of other ways to check out your potential Botox practitioner – and we’ve covered a few in this blog.

But if it’s specifically the results you want reassurance about, then Botox before and after photos, video testimonials and written patient reviews are an essential resource. Don’t have treatment without them!

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