Botox as cerebral palsy treatment for toddler

Botox injectionA couple from Gosport in Hampshire are turning to Botox to help alleviate the symptoms of cerebral palsy for their three-year-old son, Aiden Farrell.

The youngster was diagnosed with the condition at just 29 weeks old and since then the muscles in his legs have tightened to the point where he can no longer walk. It’s believed that the Botox will work by helping to relax the muscles and therefore allow more movement.

His parents, Sara and Gevun Farrell were advised that it would be a wait of 12 months before Aiden would be able to receive Botox on the NHS. Instead they took the decision to raise the £7000 required for a full course of private treatment.

Neighbours and friends helped with the fundraising efforts and so thankfully they were able to raise the total amount. Since their efforts however Aiden’s conditions have worsened, resulting in an NHS appointment for his first Botox treatment as soon as December 14.

His parents will now use the charitable funds to pay for intensive physiotherapy which should also help to alleviate symptoms.

We wish little Aiden well!

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