Award ceremony trend puts the spotlight on new body part – the beautiful back

Celebrity skin treatmentsThe 2012-2013 Hollywood and UK award season has seen a raft of the latest hot style of evening wear – backless gowns. As a result stars will do their utmost to present their backs in pristine condition, which often includes having microdermabrasion on that area.

It’s easy to see why it’s a look that’s popular at these sort of events – it’s a classy way of showing some flesh whilst retaining some mysterious allure by covering legs and/or the chest area.

Recent converts to this red carpet vogue have included actresses Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Nicole Kidman. It has also been a popular design on the catwalk, with many fashion houses including backless dresses in their Spring 2013 collections. Gucci and Tom Ford in particular were captivated by this particular trend.

As a result it means needing a back in tip top condition. For actresses sporting the look on the red carpet, this will include exercise and pampering the skin. A backless dress needs a toned and lithe back to create the best impact so stars will alter their workout routines to include work on the muscles in the back.

In addition the skin must literally be spotless and so courses of microdermabrasion on the back will often take place in the weeks leading up to a backless gown being worn. This ensures that there are no age spots or blemishes that will ruin the look, and the all-important head over shoulder shot.

Stars will also likely use make-up to show their back in the most flattering light, with spray tans designed not to mark clothes and bronzer to add definition.

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