Australian women opt for Botox to boost careers

Botox treatmentAustralia is reportedly witnessing a new cosmetic trend – anti-ageing procedures to help women get on in the workplace.

Rather than subscribing to non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers to improve their love lives or their levels of confidence and self-esteem, many women seeking such treatments cite their careers as the main reason.

Although the Australian economy is relatively buoyant compared with some other nations they too are feeling the pinch. As a result younger job applicants are looked upon more favourably by many employers as they come with the same qualifications but lower salary expectations. Over one third of Australians over the age of 45 feel that ageism is rampant in the Australian work place. This means that, for women in particular, they are having to do more to remain competitive.

Like here it is not a requirement to give your age at the interview stage of the process, so many women are undertaking procedures such as Botox, fillers or sometimes facelifts, so that they can remain ambiguous about their age. One woman explained she is not trying to pretend she can compete with 20-somethings, and is happy to look a bit older but just doesn’t want to look too old.

She said: “I don’t want to look 20 again, rather have my age sit constantly at the late 30, early 40s mark.”

Eye surgeon, Angelo Tsirbas, explained how women’s ageing looks affects them in the work place:

“In meetings or presentations, younger staffers will ask them if they are tired, or think that they aren’t concentrating because their eyes are drooping,”

“They’ll come to me and say that they are in peak form but are being accused of being uninterested in work, or that they’ve lost their drive.”

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