Australian con man sentenced for Botox fraud

Botox treatmentAn Australian man has been sentenced to prison for conning a party of strippers in to handing over money for fake Botox injections in 2010.

David Robin Douglas had legally changed his name to O’Cean and assumed the title Dr Ocean, pretending that he was a plastic surgeon usually based in LA.

At a party he convinced a number of women to hand over 500 Australian dollars each for a combination of injections administered to the face, legs and breasts. As well as Botox he claimed to use collagen, hormone and fat dissolving treatments.

For two of the strippers he administered the fake Botox to their vaginas, claiming it would help tighten them as well as increase the intensity of their orgasms. The trickster came under suspicion however which led to the injectibles being tasted – revealing that they were nothing more than a saline solution.

Douglas, 48, fled the scene but was eventually arrested. Before his capture however he stole a 24-foot catamaran in order to help his escape. It was not the first time he had attempted the surgery scam, having previously convinced two 17-year-old waitresses to pay for fake hormone injections.

It also emerged during his trial that he had led a career of conning people since 1985, posing as a policeman and treasure hunter amongst other guises.

Douglas was found guilty of 19 different charges including assault, sexual assault, rape and fraud. He received a three-year prison term however because he has already served two years in custody he will be released on parole in July 2013.