Asia new hotspot in anti-ageing treatments for men

Male botoxAreas within Asia such as Singapore, parts of China and parts of Korea are seeing a huge rise in the number of men seeking treatments to counteract the signs of ageing.

The most popular treatment being sought by this demographic is Botox, perhaps because of how quickly it can be performed and recovered from. The men getting these treatments are usually high-flying businessmen and so it makes sense that they are opting for treatments that take the least amount of time away from their busy schedules.

There are a few reasons why they might be most popular in Asia, and it’s a mix of expats and nationals that are getting it. These treatments are thriving in cosmopolitan areas where capitalism is at its peak – appearance is important in business and there is also a competitive edge to it.

Asian skin often ages well in comparison to Caucasian skin and so perhaps the expats getting Botox and other anti-ageing procedures compare themselves negatively to their Asian counterparts in the work place.

There may also be more of an accepting culture in Asia when it comes to these procedures. Whilst the number of men seeking treatment here in the UK is also on the rise there can still be a bit of taboo surrounding it where men may not admit to treatments.

Other procedures that are proving popular include chemical peels and dermal fillers.