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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (Botox) – How does it work?

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment ( Botox )
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At Aurora Skin Clinics we offer Botox anti-wrinkle treatment from our clinics in Northampton and High Wycombe.


Botox treatment consultationMost people know that wrinkle treatment injections are a great solution for eliminating wrinkles and other minor signs of ageing, but how does it work?Wrinkle treatment is an injection of a protein called botulinum toxin. Botulinum, when ingested in large, concentrated amounts, is the protein responsible for botulism, an extremely dangerous type of food poisoning. However, this very same protein causes relaxation of muscles and was used as a medical treatment for a variety of ailments, including migraine headaches, before becoming popular as a cosmetic treatment.


Wrinkle reducing injections are a very simple treatment; a very small, diluted form of this toxin is injected near the desired site, allowing the muscle and surrounding tissue to relax and weaken slightly. This results in the diminished appearance of wrinkles and creases, and also reduces the effects of lazy eye and uncontrolled blinking. The wrinkle treatment injection blocks new nerve impulses to the area, preventing the muscles from contracting. Though, in time, lines and wrinkles may reappear, they will be smaller and less noticeable with each subsequent injection.


Botox anti-wrinkle treatmentIn general, it takes two to five days to see the effects of the wrinkle treatment, but cosmetic improvement will be noticeable. The effects of the treatment last about 6 months; however, each subsequent treatment will last slightly longer, as the muscles become used to remaining in a relaxed state.

Wrinkle reducing injections are a completely safe, non-surgical procedure that can be performed in minutes under the care of a doctor. Patients may experience minor discomfort and bruising during the first 48 hours, but symptoms are usually mild and best treated with an over-the-counter product like ibuprofen.

With the popularity of cosmetic surgery and other treatments on the rise, women in their 40’s have begun the popular trend of at-home ‘Botox parties’, where the girls get together to sip champagne and receive wrinkle reducing injections. However, Aurora Skin Clinics strongly advise against this practice: wrinkle treatment should only be carried out by highly qualified medical professionals in a clinical environment. Apart from this, it is not recommended that you drink alcohol for a week prior to receiving the treatment, as it can enhance bruising.

All in all, wrinkle treatment is a safe, affordable, and non-surgical way to fight ageing. While it is impossible to reverse or stop the signs of ageing entirely, you can easily look years younger, without going under the knife.

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