Anna Friel’s unusual skin treatment confession

Skin treatmentAnna Friel is famous not just for her acting skills but for her good looks and glowing skin.

She has now revealed that the secret to her youthful complexion is due to a procedure that takes blood from other parts of her body and injects in to the areas of her face that suffer from wrinkles.

She credits this skin treatment, which she gets regularly, with helping to keep her skin youthful and line-free. The actress, who is 36, claims that Botox would not be suitable for her profession as she needs to be able to fully use all of the muscles in her face in order to portray different emotions.

It is quite rare for stars of the small and big screen to reveal the treatments they have undertaken in order to preserve their looks however Friel has always been refreshingly upfront about what goes in to looking good.

She also famously disclosed her reliance on Power Plates after the birth of her daughter Gracie, machines that use vibrations through the body to help you lose weight.

Talking of her latest revelations specifically she confirmed: ā€œIā€™m not ashamed of the things I do.ā€

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