Amy Childs advises teenagers to halt getting cosmetic procedures

Amy Childs changes her approach to cosmetic treatmentsSeemingly backtracking on what she has become so well-known for, ex-TOWIE star and beauty salon owner Amy Childs has given a magazine interview indicating she would advise young girls and teenagers to put off undertaking cosmetic procedures.

The star, who is still only 23, appeared on the reality show having Botox injections in front of the camera. She now says that this was simply for the series rather than down to feeling a genuine need for the anti-wrinkle injection. She also talked to the magazine about having had a boob job so young and would say to teenage girls who are considering it to wait until they are 21.

Referring to her beauty salon specifically she told Heat magazine she turns girls away that she deems too young for a particular procedure: “If I had a girl of 11 come to me saying that she’d like a Brazilian, I wouldn’t let her till she’s 16”, adding that she turned a girl of 9 away who requested a spray tan. She would also advise younger girls not to “ruin” their nice nails with acrylics.

The reality TV persona and businesswoman has made a considerable amount of money since starring in the docu-soap, off the back of her looks and also her business ventures. As well as owning a beauty salon in Essex she has put her name to clothing and beauty products.

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