Almost fourth fifths of women would like Botox for Valentine’s Day

Botox treatmentA recent survey of women may offer a helping hand to a plethora of husbands and boyfriends stuck on what to treat their other halves to on February 14th.

Traditionally it’s often romantic gifts such as chocolate, underwear or flowers that are the less creative man’s go-to Valentine gift of choice. However, if the findings of the survey are representative of women in general, it’s perhaps time to move on from those usual fail-safes.

Apparently what women actually want is cosmetic treatments and, in particular, Botox. A whopping 78% of the women surveyed said they would be impressed if their partner presented them with a gift of anti-wrinkle treatment – with only 7% saying they would be offended by the gesture.

Other popular procedures according to the survey were teeth whitening, dermal fillers and chemical peels.

But this enthusiasm for cosmetic treatments was not indiscriminate, with several treatments not being looked upon quite so favourably.

These treatments, the majority of women agreed, they would be likely to find more offensive than thrilling. These treatment no-nos were skin tightening, laser hair removal and leg vein removal.

Of course, it’s also quite possible that with their new shiny smiles and line-free faces, the surveyed women would also like to be taken out to show them off. Time for their other halves to get saving perhaps…

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