Alicia Douvall agrees with RCS’s guidelines for non-invasive treatments

Botox treatmentAs part of the dialogue on the regulation of plastic surgery, prompted by the PIP implant scandal last year, the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has published guidelines they feel ought to be made compulsory by government.

They include the recommendation that non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or dermal fillers, be carried out by qualified medical professionals only.

This would mean that such treatments could only be administered by doctors, dentists or nurses. It would also mean that they could only be given at medical clinics, rather than by beauticians either on site or in the home.

Alicia Douvall, who has made her use of cosmetic surgery and other procedures public previously, has offered her thoughts on the subject.

Talking to the BBC she explains how the current lack of regulations can lead to a difference between how the procedures are sold. On the subject of non-invasive procedures specifically, she says:

“My experience…varies, and the sorts of questions they ask you (can be) minimal.

“If you’re going to someone that’s literally doing it in their sitting room and they’re just doing Botox then they’ll have a poster up of Cheryl Cole on the wall, they’ll be promising you the world, that you can look like her.

“But if you are going to one of the top doctors…then they’re more careful with their words.”

Plastic surgeon, Nilesh Sojitra, backed her up. Admitting that some doctors can give others a bad name he told the BBC:

“There needs to be regulation…there are doctors who are not properly trained in non-surgical procedures.”

Alicia Douvall has undergone over 100 non-invasive cosmetic procedures.