5 things to avoid to prevent prematurely ageing skin

Healthy skin1. Sun exposure

To maintain a youthful complexion keep your exposure to the sun to a minimum – its harmful rays will contribute to wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. When you are outside make sure you wear moisturiser that contains a high SPF.

2. Cigarettes

Smoking attacks the skin and makes it age prematurely in three different ways. Firstly, it flushes out vitamin C in the skin, a valuable antioxidant that helps keep skin looking young. It also increases harmful free radicals which lower the collagen levels in the skin, which keeps it plump and line-free. Lastly, the act of smoking creates movement in the face that contributes to wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

3. Stress

Stress also promotes the number of free radicals that take their toll on the skin so try to minimise the stress in your life and exposure to stressful situations. Keeping calm and serene really can take years off your face, and not just for the positive effect a smile can make. Try mediation or yoga if you find it difficult to unwind.

4. Alcohol

Another perpetrator of those pesky free radicals is alcohol so keep your intake to a minimum to avoid premature wrinkles. Consistently drinking too much can also lead to the dilation of blood vessels near the skin’s surface, leading to unsightly redness or blotches. It’s also dehydrating and so will sap your skin of vital moisture.

5. Cold weather

Although the sun is the biggest enemy to youthful skin cold weather conditions can also damage the skin’s condition. Make sure that you wear a rich moisturiser in the winter months, making sure that is still retains a high SPF. In cold months we also tend to rely on central heating which can dry your skin out.

If you have concerns that you have damaged your skin prematurely there are treatments available that will help to reverse the effects. Consult the team at Aurora Skin Clinics on 01844 211777 or drop us an email to info@aurora-skin-clinics.co.uk for information on treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and more.