5 steps towards better skin

Skin careYou may be considering undertaking skin care treatments such as Botox or chemical peels, in order to help improve the appearance and condition of your skin.

You should also make sure you follow these easy steps however that will also help to maintain a youthful complexion.

1. Drink plenty of water

Always keep well hydrated as the more refreshed you are the more you skin will be. Dryness leads to more pronounced wrinkles and so keeping your water levels up with help to plump out your skin.

2. Wear a high factor cream on your face

You should be wearing a minimum factor of 30 on your face every day, even during the winter months. Harmful UVA rays from the sun help to contribute to ageing skin and too much exposure will cause deep or premature wrinkles.

3. Update your skin care routine regularly

Skin can become used to certain products and so can start to respond less effectively to them over time. If your skin care routine doesn’t seem to be having the same effect it used to it could be time to switch brands.

4. Exercise

As well as keeping you physically fit and promoting good overall health taking regular exercise will also have a positive impact on your skin. Increased oxygen levels help to promotes collagen which means a firmer and more youthful complexion.

5. Eat healthy fats

Although saturated fats should be kept to a minimum, foods containing healthy, unsaturated fats will help to improve the condition of your skin, providing nourishment from within. Make sure your diet includes plenty of nuts, oily fish and avocadoes.

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