4 ways to start improving your skin right now

Beautiful skinIt’s easy to underestimate the importance of skin when it comes to beauty. It is after all, there in the background – the canvas upon which our features sit. But, much like good lighting, luminous skin can make everything about a face look better.

Try these 4 top tips you can start right now, and see what a difference they make to your skin in just a few weeks.

1) Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to allow the skin to repair and regenerate. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will always let you know – and the skin is no different.

Short-term, lack of sleep can give you a sallow complexion and puffy eyes. In the longer-term, chronic sleep loss can contribute to the development of fine lines and dark circles.

So going to bed early, turning off anything electrical around you for the hour or so before you go to sleep, will give you better quality sleep and give your skin the best chance to repair itself.

2) Keep hydrated

We all know it, but not enough of us do it. Many of us use moisturisers on the outside, only to neglect the skin from the inside. Water, water, water is the absolute best way to keep your skin moist and hydrated from the inside.

If you don’t like pure water, add a little squash and drink it that way. And don’t wait until you get thirsty – that means you are already in the early stages of dehydration! Sip it all day long to keep your moisture levels topped up.

3) Cleanse and moisturise

A good skincare regime isn’t too difficult to maintain, and can really yield results quickly. The simpler you can keep it, the better – as there’ll be a better chance you’ll do it consistently.

Cleanse morning and night with a cleanser that’s designed to suit your skin type, apply a light moisturiser with SPF in the morning, and a thicker moisturising cream at night, and you’re good to go.

4) Get a skin treatment

Whatever you’d like to achieve with your skin – whether there’s a specific problem you’d like to tackle, or you’d just like a general ‘refresh’ to improve its condition, there’s a treatment that can help.

With some treatments, you’ll see an immediate benefit – microdermabrasion is a great treatment to get your skin glowing after just one session. With others, the effects may take a few days to be seen (Botox, chemical peels), or may require a few sessions to get the most out of them (Dermaroller).

But even so, skin treatments – performed properly by experienced practitioners in reputable clinics – are a quick, effective way to give your skin a beauty boost.

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