3 unusual things that cause us to age

Face ageingKey instigators of premature ageing are well known and as a result avoided by many. These include sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and a poor diet.

However there are other things we do day-to-day which may also contribute to lines appearing sooner and more deeply, but that we don’t realise we are doing. What culprits are there?

1. Smartphones

In the main we all now use mobile phones and with the advent of smartphones, now more than ever. As they incorporate so much more than simply calling and texting we are often looking at them for long or intermittent but periods throughout the day. This results in a lot of squinting which will cause lines to develop, especially around the delicate eye area.

Increase the brightness of your phone and also increase font size, both of which will make any text clearer to see thereby precluding the need to squint.

This also applies to laptops and PCs, especially the smaller the screen size.

2. Going without sunglasses (or prescription glasses)

Going outside when the sun is shining and without sunglasses can also cause you to squint, the motion of which will create wrinkles.

Without realising it even cloudy and overcast days can be bright enough for us to squint our eyes a bit, in which case you are better off looking vaguely pretentious than suffering the consequence of premature wrinkles!

If you’re unsure stand outside and see if your eyes begin to narrow. If they do, even slightly, then it’s best you put on those shades! They also help to avoid too much sun exposure so have a double benefit.

Failing to use your prescription glasses will have a similarly detrimental effect, causing you to squint to be able to see and therefore creating lines over time.

3. Using a straw to drink

In fact, any repeated movement to delicate parts of your face will precipitate the development of fine lines. Smokers know that the damage they are already wreaking on their face by the toxins they are inhaling is made yet worse by the physical changes inhaling a cigarette can have around the mouth.

In the same way, regularly drinking through a straw will likely cause fine lines in the upper lip area.

That’s not to say we should aim to avoid and freeze all expression, but minimising what you can do can have a positive and youthful effect on your face!

Don’t worry. Aurora Skin Clinics offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments if you just can’t put that smartphone down…